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What is the digital archive about?

The digital archive forms the main content of this web site. It is classified by the names of the buildings, streets or the land archive numbers into 30 general files and for easier orientation there is included a Map of the historical centre in the introduction of the archive.

Individual sources may be found in these general files and further thematic records filed chronologically by the date of origin including the essential entries: date of origin, author, owner, inventory number and the kind of the source. Specific data for each source or important information will be consequently inserted to the added REMARK. For a deeper study of the source or acquiring its reproduction in high quality it is possible to contact the owner by clicking on the respective link. Keeping with the reproductive law there is the definition of the pictures decreased to the preview level and the check character with the project logo is situated in the middle of each picture.

The digital archive contains more than 1000 pictorial sources from sixteen public or private collections and ancient monuments. The archive will be regularly completed by accessions acquired from other collections, which you will always find below the NEWS link.

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