On this site we will successively introduce the important authors of the pictorial sources, especially artists and photographers. In the elder historical period from the 17th to the 19th century were the work with the motives of the town of Kutná Hora created by important artists and panorama painters such as Jan Willenberg, Friedrich Bernhard Werner, Vincenc Morstadt or Karel Liebscher. In documentation of the town and its most important sights were these artists supplemented more and more by the photographers from the middle of the 19thcentury.

It is very remarkable, but still very unknown fact, that town of Kutná Hora has the second oldest preserved photographical collection .The first photography of the town was created by Andreas Groll from Vienna, who visited the town twice-in 1856 and 1865.Groll made an important start for later tradition of taking photography of local sights especially by the art and technical quality of his pictures. The first and for a long time also the only photographical atelier Dittrich was opened in Kutná Hora in 1863 and systematically started to make photography of the local sights, at first in card, later also in larger size. The photography of the sights in the important period before their reconstruction started to be taken by Dittrich´s successor, Josef Steffel and other photographers such as Oldřich Jelínek or Výborný brothers since 1887.

In the period after 1900 also started to be paid more attention to the town itself, its streets and houses a part of the panorama views in the photography. From the middle of the 20th century we can find a permanent photographical documentation of the historical centre of the town of Kutná Hora thanks to the conservation institutes.