This first and for a long time also the main town cathedral was originally called The High Church of Virgin Mary, it was consacrated to St. James first at the 15th century. It was founded in the immediate vicinity of the Italian Court , probably already in the twenties of the 14thcentury.In its first phase it was built as a three-naved basilica with a presbytery on its eastern and two towers on its western site whose lower half was supposed to be prismatic and the upper half octagonal. During the construction has the disposition of the aisle changed and the southern tower, probably due to the load of the subsoil on the edge of the hillside, has never been built. In the 14th century there was a huge tent roof above the aisle of the church, in the 15th century was the northern tower heighten for a belfry floor and in the 18thcentury was this tower covered with the typical onion dome.

We may say the contemporary look of the church has not been changed for more than two hundred years. The oil paintings, graphics and historic photography in our archive show the church from all of his parts, thanks to its dominant location in the town panorama. This church hasn´t been touched by the wave of reconstruction of the sights in Kutna Hora at the end of the 19thcentury and as the last one it has been waiting for its renovation until the end of the WW II. All the renovation was carefully recorded in a huge amount of pictures from which we introduce here just a small part at the moment.