Hradek is one of the eldest buildings in the town and represents a unique patrician residence on the margin of the town fortification and the first written reference o fit dates from 1312. Until these days it is one of the most important dominant features on the valley edge of the Vrchlice River. The core of the building dates from the 14th century and a significant reconstruction was carried out after the year 1490, when Hradek was owned by the important patrician Jan Smíšek from Vrchoviště. It was followed by later arrangements for the establishment of Jesuit Seminary, school, pedagogical institute and finally museum.

The form of Hradek on the photography in our archive practically has not changed until these days .Especially the first photography of Hradek, taken by Andreas Groll is very remarkable. The picture of the northern bay window was taken from the windows of the opposite house. He left his signature on it and also a link to the number in his catalogue according to which it was possible to order a copy of this picture.