The first photographical approaches of the town are still in many aspects close to pictured vistas. The photographers used to choose the same places as the vista artists, i.e.the areas Na Rovinách, Karlov,or the meadows below Kank. The picures taken rom the church towers or the first aerial views of the town from 1931 belong to the most important ones in later period. Kutna Hora has the second eldest photography fund in Bohemia, whichhad been created by Andreas Groll during his two visits of the town in 1856 and 1865. Although we know from his catalogue (without pictures),that he made also a general town view, it hasn´t been unfortunately found till these days.

The eldest photographies of the town in our file come from Jindrich Dittrich, who established his atelier in Kutna Hora in 1863. We suppose, according to the details of the buildings, that his first photographies were made soon after this date. All important photographers of the town of Kutna Hora showed in their pictures at least the general view on the town panorama with St. Barbara cathedral and Jesuit College or from the other side- the centre of the town with St. James church and Italian Court. Let´s remember at least the names of the most important ones-Karel Bellmann, J.Steffel, Vyborny brothers or Karel Herbert.