The eldest rendering of the monastery in Sedlec forms a part of the vista of Kutná Hora painted by Jan Willenberg in 1602 and the monastery is shown there by the right edge. The second vista of Sedlec is the view over the monastery to the town of Kutná Hora painted by Friedrich Bernhard Werner,in our archive it is filed among town vistas. For the first individual vista of the Sedlec monastery itself we can consider the picture from the title page of the Sedlec gradual dated from 1690, which is at the same time the most reliable source to recognise its historical shape.

The monastery used to form here a certain kind of a counter-point to the town of Kutná Hora, whose evolution was until a certain extend unorganised and chaotic. The monastery was an independent fortified residence surrounded by a wall work with gates, high walls separated the inner areas of the monastery which were intended for monks and laic members. Gothic convent cathedral with abbot chapel represented the main symbolical centre of the precincts, except of the large conventual buildings, cloister and barnbuildings there were also other churches and chapels as th St. Phillip and James church by the main gate, St. Kosma and Damian and karner in the cemetery,i.e.a chapel with an ossuary.