On the vistas, i.e. panorama renderings of the town made from a further distance, we can observe the oldest shape of the town and individual buildings. In many cases we can find pictures of buildings, whose shape hasn´t been documented anywhere else. The oldest vista comes from Jan Willenberg, who painted it into his sketch book in 1602 during his travel through Bohemia. The sketch gives us an approach of the town including the monastery in Sedlec, but he left part with St. Barbara cathedral is missing, it was additionally cut off.

In 1611 has the municipal council ordered at Willenberg a large representative prospectus, which hanged later in the town hall building, which used to be situated on the present-day Palacký square. Unfortunatelly it burnt down together with the building in 1770.The prospectus was repainted by Jiří Čáslavský, who completed it with new buildings such as the Jesuit College or the new town hall tower. The vista of Čáslavský from 1674 became a basis for further panorama renderings of the town of Kutná Hora, it has been taken over by the artists and panorama painters and only completed by the shapes of roofs of the main dominant features of the respective time. The only exception is the vista painted by Friedrich Bernhard Werner, which has been made from Sedlec.

First at the beginning of the 19th century there have appeared also another points of view in the renderings of the town panorama, especially from the suburb of Karlov or from the meadows below Kaňk, since the middle of the 19th century there have appeared also other monuments in the renderings. Among the most important sources of this kind count the work of Vincenc Morstadt, Jan Erazim Vocel, Josef Hilbert or Karel Liebscher.