In 1861 was founded the Society for embellishment of the town of Kutná Hora and its surroundings. This society was concerned not only with the embellishment of the public areas in the town, but also with paving the pavements and pathway, construction of the water pipe system or public lighting. In our archive we have focused on the adjustments of the two largest public areas around the restored sights at that time-Italian Court and the St. Barbara Cathedral. The first adjustment of this kind was carried out around the Italian Court after 1899 by the project of the municipal gardener Arnošt Černovský. It was also realized in a similar way after finishing and completing the construction of St. Barbara Cathedral.

The designs made of annual plants replaced every year was a characteristic feature of both of these projects. Later, in 1932, the municipality leased from Miss Breuerova large areas between the Italian Court and the Vrchlice River for a purpose of creating the main municipal park there. The terraces were arranged and decorated by abundant flowerbeds, philharmonical concerts were regularly organised in the musical pavilion and a paddling pool was built in the middle of the lower meadow. The project was carried out by the professor and garden architect Arnošt Čenkovský, Jr., and it became the largest soft landscaping of that time.