This map will help you to get a basic orientation in the historical centre of the town of Kutná Hora.

Important buildings are marked by big numerals and you will find their names in the legend, the houses and their land archive numbers are marked by small numerals. Disappeared buildings are marked a darker colour of their ground plan and white numerals. The shape of both existing wall works is also highlighted there.

Mapa historického jádra

Churches and chapels
  • I  St. Barbara Cathedral
  • II  Chapel of Corpus Christi
  • III  St. James Church
  • IV  Church of Our Lady Na Náměti
  • V  St. John of Nepomuk church
  • VI  Hieron of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church
  • VII  Hieron of the Czech evangelical church
  • VIII  Former chapel of the Holy Trinity
  • IX  Former St. Bartholomeus church
  • X  Disappeared St.George church
  • XI  Disappeared church of the Holy Cross

Monumental buildings
  • XII  Jesuit College
  • XIII  Hrádek
  • XIV  Archdeanery
  • XV  Italian Court
  • XVI  Stone Fountain
  • XVII  Ursuline monastery
  • XVIII  Executioner´s house

Disappeared gates
  • XIX  Kouřimská gate
  • XX  Kolínská gate
  • XXI  Hloušecká gate
  • XXII  Klášterská (Monastery) gate
  • XXIII  Sedlecká gate
  • XXIV  Nová (New) gate
  • XXV  Executioner´s gate
  • XXVI  Čáslavská gate
  • XXVII  Novomlýnská (New mill) gate
  • XXVII  Žižka´s gate
  • XXVIX  Leflířská (Cobblers´) gate
  • XXX  Stará (Old) gate
  • XXXI  Podhrádecká gate