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For the financial support of the project to

For study facility and providing sources for digitalisation to
  • PhDr. Světlana Hrabánková, Eva Entlerová, PhDr. Zdeňka Kubíková a Bc. Josef Kreml from the Czech Museum of Silver in Kutná Hora
  • Mgr. Vojtěch Vaněk from the State distrikt archive in Kutná Hora
  • Dagmar Fundová from The Kutná Hora – UNESCO listed sight Foundation
  • Mgr. Kristina Uhlíková, Ph.D. from the Institute of Art History Of the Academy of Science of the Czech republic
  • PhDr. Kateřina Bečková z Museum of the capital city of Prague
  • Ing. arch. Viola Škabradová z Šterc archive in Prague
  • Employees of the photodocumentary department of the National Institute of Conservation in Prague
  • Mgr. Pavel Scheufler
  • private collectioners

For the preparation of the book to
  • Mgr. Vojtěch Vaněk from the State district archive in Kutná Hora (professional text revision)
  • PhDr. Stanislav Škoda a PhDr. Eva Stříbrná (language text edition) a Petr Čížek (technical edition) from Paseka Publisher

For the installation of the exhibition to

  • Bc. Josef Kreml and his co-workers from the Czech museum of Silver in Kutná Hora

For the performace on the exhibition opening to
  • Cantica Choir

For the lecture on the professional seminar to

  • Mgr. Vojtěch Vaněk from the State district archive in Kutná Hora
  • Mgr. Pavel Scheufler from the Film and Television Fakulty of the Musical Art Academy in Prague
  • Mgr. PhDr. Petra Mašitová, Ph.D., from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech republic
  • PhDr. Stanislav Škoda from the Paseka Publisher

For publishing the quiz and for the project promotion in press to
  • Monika Pravdová from the weekly magazíne Obzory Kutnohorska
  • The editors of the local newspaper Kutnohorské Listy

For the graphical design of the project to
  • Jiří D. Dostál

For creating the web sites to

  • Jiřímu Novákovi

For creating animated promotion
  • Kuba Obraz

For the patronage of the project to
  • Prof. PhDr. Jiří Kuthan, DrSc. (odborný garant)
  • MVDr. Václav Vančura

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